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      Human Recruitment
      Human Recruitment
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      I.  Responsibility to a foreign trade salesman :
      1. Responsible for developing foreign market new customers and maintain old customers, give priority to in order to develop new customers, clinch a deal the order.
      2, providing professional service for the customer;Order follow up, and make the delivery and the required documents of foreign trade;
      3, pay attention to market changes, timely and accurate feedback on customer requirements and market and industry information.

      II.  The basic requirements:
      1. College degree or above.English level 4 above, international trade, business English major is preferred;
      2. Good command of English in both written and oral expression ability;
      3. High working initiative, a strong sense of responsibility, strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, character cheerful, smart, good psychological quality, can work under pressure.A strong sense of responsibility, good at analysis and solve the problem, has strong strain capacity and the ability to adapt.
      4. Welcome excellent graduates to join.

      III,Welfare treatment
      We bring you:
      1. Basic salary + commission;
      2, have two days off five days
      3. To participate in professional exhibitions at home and abroad each year, everyone has chance to go abroad
      4. Both holds regular staff set travel each year, meals, etc., to the warmth of your home.
      5. Performance prominent positive for formal employees, companies will buy insurance for employees.
      6. The company can provide room and board, the dormitory provide hot water and air conditioning.